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UPDATE: POLICY CHANGE - Formal background checks now required for all male clients and database members.

In a day when women are going out on dates with strangers from the Internet, we at My Zen Match have decided to take the opposite approach. We want to do our utmost to provide introductions that have been fully vetted and background-checked. Moving forward, all men who are sent on dates will be required to have a comprehensive background check performed by one of our partner PI's. 

This necessitates an increase in our database membership prices. For men, the fee to join the database is now $300. This includes your one-hour initial intake interview, creation of your formal matchmaking profile, and eligibility to be matched with any Premium client or database member who has potential compatibility. There is no active search on behalf of database members and no guarantee of a match during the one-year period of membership. However, we are one of the few companies who will match database-to-database if we see a potential match. We have had many database members go out on dates and say that they loved the process and experience (especially in comparison to online dating!)


For women, the database membership fee remains $100. If you are a gentleman who wishes his female dates to also be comprehensively background checked, you are welcome to pay an additional $250 fee (per background check) to have a background check conducted on any of your dates.


Existing database members, you do not have to upgrade your membership now. However, if a match is proposed, you will need to pay the difference and go through the background check process before being introduced to your date (or any future dates).


We are convinced that bringing more safety into the dating experience will only increase the capacity for connection and romance. Thank you for your support of our efforts to bring dating back to what it should be: fun and sexy! 


Let us know how we can help you or answer your questions! You can also email directly at We’re looking forward to working with you!

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