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Petite Ladies Wanted!!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

If you know an amazing single gal who's petite and open to dating eligible, vetted gentlemen 5'8 and under, please tag her or send her my post!

When ladies tell me that they're 5'2 and want 6'0, I can't help but wince. Having chosen my husband (whom I love dearly) without regard to our height difference, I can testify that there are logistical struggles associated with a big height gap. I slow-dance with his chest, I sometimes have trouble understanding him because his voice carries right over my head, my arms get sore when it's my turn to hang up the laundry because his shirts are enormous... I could go on and on! Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in a giant's lair. 😂

But the biggest logistical challenge is that at 5'1" and 115 lbs, I gave birth to an 8.5 lb, 19 inch-long baby (and she totally got stuck). That's not the reason we only have one child. But if you're looking for a marginally easier way to have multiple kids, marrying someone way taller/larger than you is not it! 😆

We also have to buy more house (and clean more house) than I would need if I married someone normal-sized. No offense, tall people, but it's hard to squeeze you into the adorable cottage homes that always catch my eye in the OC and Pasadena.

So if you're petite and not looking to re-enact Madeleine L'Engle's Many Waters (obscure reference, but one that will come to mind often if you marry tall), head over to my website at and create a profile! There's a lot of terrific guys who are going overlooked in the Search for Six Foot +.

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