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What is Date Coaching? (For Men)

The goals of date coaching are as follows:


1) Realign and reset views towards women and dating/romantic relationships


2) Explore dating/romantic history and reassess past experiences; resolve the causes and effects of previous challenges.


3) Establish specific habits that will improve your ability to meet, get to know, and date eligible women in real life.


4) Discernment - how to tell good character from bad in women without getting emotionally injured or entangled first.


5) Dialing down: How to tell when you are genuinely attracted, and when a woman is attracted in return.



Later sessions of date coaching, if service is renewed (or client begins at this stage) cover:


1) Taking casual acquaintances/friends to the next level, getting on that first date.


2) Communication traps and how to avoid/navigate them in the early stages.


3) Date planning without stress, keeping it organic and fun.


4) Dating with honor: what are your obligations? What do you want from her?

5) Planning for the future – what is a healthy timeline, depending on both of your unique personalities and situations?



The goal of date coaching is not to completely shield you from the potentially painful experience of rejection.

The goal is to get you as healthy and informed as possible so that:

  1. You are radiating your appeal without any cloud of confusion or insecurity.

  2. Discernment is optimal and moves are made in confidence.

  3. Setbacks are taken in stride.

Ultimately, you will feel/see that you are making visible and sustainable progress along your journey to finding and claiming your future wife.

My date coaching packages consist of 5 hour-long sessions that can be scheduled every week up to once a month. Reach out today to schedule a discovery call, or jump right into my singles database for a nominal fee of $100! This covers the hour-long intake interview and the creation of your profile. Email to schedule today!

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